My makeup station and organization

ENG  - Welcome to my first post about beauty. Since I'm fond of makeup - which helps me "build" and show my personality when I'm not able to do it with clothing - I could wait no longer! I really needed to share with you some beauty and organizing tips. In this post I'll show [...]

Plus size OOTD: Tartan, catene e pantaloni cammello

OUTFIT: camicia rosa in cotone con colletto in tartan a contrasto sartoriale, pantaloni in cotone elasticizzato color cammello con tasche laterali OVS, collana a catena Piccole Gioie by Marica Remoli (DIY), scarpe stringate nere Obsel, occhiali Lozza Colori neutri  ton sur ton, con la camicia a maniche corte rosa e dettagli a fantasia tartan color [...]