Plus-size-Curvy Outfit: Pop Summer + Yours Clothing Review

ENG - A midi floral dress an knit shrug for a feminine and modern look. Look the outfit I created and read my opinions on Your Clothing. IT - Un abito floreale e un coprispalle lavorato a maglia per un look femminile e moderno. Guarda l'outfit che ho creato e scopri la mia opinione su Yours Clothing.

Renew the plus-size wardrobe. Become a Whonder woman!

The myth of Wonder woman never fades. But now, in New York City, there's a new heroine. She's Whonder woman! She's as strong and charming as the world-famous comic strip character. And she's real. I mean, a real big beautiful woman. Her name is Carmencita Whonder. And she happens to be the founder and designer [...]

Sneak peek: The Masculine look Plus size fashion editorial (November)

ENG It's a man's, man's world. But ladies, please, don't stand back. You aren't helpless, are you? Whether you are bold enough to make the statement, or you need some extra self-esteem, here you'll find some not-to-be-missed fashion tips. What's better than keeping up with men by looking like them? This month Fatty Fair Blog will [...]